About your job

Your shift starts in the so called “Open chat” which is offered as a free service to users from all over the world (you can also block some countries in which you do not want to be visible). In this Open chat you start socializing with users and start communicating with them also by individual whispering. You can either type, talk or use combined communication according to what feels more comfortable for you. Now it will be your job to make these users like you and have interest to start a “Private chat” with you. This Private chat is already paid by the members and you receive your commission from the money users spend in the chat. Some models are earning money only by talking to members, some are doing erotic shows- the best thing on this job is that you are never forced to do anything which makes you feel uncomfortable. It is always your option where you allow the members to get and what you are willing to do for them.

Our chat differs a lot from all other chats exactly in the above mentioned manner. While on other chats nudity and erotics is a requirement, with us it is only a choice. Of course, our members do like erotic shows, nevertheless majority of your clientele are successful business people who are lonely in their lives and are looking for something like a  virtual relationship. For the feeling of importance, friendship and love they are faithful to their models. Therefore, for the best earnings you need to become a professional virtual girlfriend/boyfriend.

The online broadcasting on Flirt4Free guarantees you a big traffic which means that you do not have to worry about the number of potential clients.

Of course if you think that being attractive guarantees you high incomes, we must disappoint you. The success of Flirt model stems from good social skills, being positive and funny, from curiosity about the others, listening skills, willingness to help when others feel upset and also from certain kind of charisma. The second most important thing to do is to educate yourself. Besides having Private chats with customers, we offer you many more sources of income. To understand them all you will need to be hardworking and willing to learn about all the tools we offer you.

On one hand being a Flirt model is very secure and discreet. You can do this job in such a way that nobody from your family and friends will have any chance to learn about it. Nevertheless, if you ever decide that you want to become a Superstar in this industry and to escalate your earnings to a different level, we are here for you to help you become a real Webcam celebrity. In this case, we will teach you how to manage your social media in such a way that you can earn thousands of followers on your profile and so your clientele will grow rapidly.

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